July 19, 2016

Top-Quality Window Blinds & Shades at Great Prices

Are you eager to learn new and important things about blinds and shades? Then make full use of our FAQ page. It’s got lots of practical information and advice for everyone who wants to improve their decor.

Is this company a franchise or part of a chain?

Santa Clarita Blinds & Shades is a locally-owned and operated business, we have been proudly serving the local area for over ten years!

Can I apply stain remover to my fabric shades?

This is generally not a good idea because these chemicals often contain compounds which can damage either the fabric or the dye or both. Still, it is always best to check what the manufacturer of the window treatments has to say.

How do horizontal and vertical patio blinds compare?

Both are quite versatile as you can tilt the slats into the desired position. Horizontal blinds typically offer greater privacy when they are also set to let light in. They are also more easily fitted to the size of the door. Vertical blinds have a more formal appeal.

How do I get the best results from dusting blinds?

Dust them at least once a week to ensure that dust particles will not get stuck to the surface. This is particularly important if you have fabric blinds. Use a feather duster as it produces good results without affecting the cleaned surface adversely.

What kinds of window treatments work best for large windows?

You can readily consider cellular shades. They are elegant and lightweight and have excellent insulating properties. Vertical blinds are also a good choice, especially for windows which are both very tall and very wide.

What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds are window coverings with slats that allow for the raising and lowering of the blind do cover the window, or to adjust how much sunlight the slats let in. Shades are typically open, exposing sunlight, or closed, covering the window and sunlight.