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Our professionals have a list of our recently completed projects below to give you an idea of the type of assistance we can provide in finding new window coverings for you right away!

Sheer Shades in Humphreys

Sheer Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Bull had found his furniture had started to lose color and become damaged from direct sunlight, so he contacted us for help. 
Our Solution: We offered sheer shades as the solution that Mr. Bull had been hoping for. Their soft look complemented his living room nicely, and even let in some natural light to enjoy. However, the harmful UV rays from the sun would be blocked, and keep his furniture safe from damage. Our team assisted him in picking out a lovely cream color for the fabric, then created and installed the shades. 

Sebastian Bull - Humphreys
Venetian Blinds | Santa Clarita Blinds & Shades

Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: The customer had a new window to cover after remodeling. He wanted to give it Venetian blinds similar to those in his living and bedrooms.
Our Solution: The custom-sized window took some careful measurement to be sure, as Mr. Shapiro had sized it to fit the open wall space rather than any standard. We were still able to cover the window with one array of Venetian blind panels, without any need of extra stringing or motorization.

Boise Shapiro - Santa Clarita
Roman Shades Close-by Castaic Junction CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Ms. Gardner felt that her dining room could use sprucing up before she held a dinner party, and called us for suggestions on new window covers.
Our Solution: Roman shades had the look that Ms. Gardner had been searching for. Rather than simply rolling up, they instead create lovely folds when drawn upward. This gives the space a softer, gorgeous look that certainly stands out. The cloth also allowed her to find a beautifully fitting shade of magenta to suit the area.

Brittany Gardner - Castaic Junction
Motorized Venetian Blinds Near Humphreys CA

Motorized Venetian Blinds

Customer Issue: Ms. Sullivan wanted to keep her books protected from harmful sunlight without hassle, so she reached out to us for assistance.
Our Solution: Motorized Venetian blinds would not only beautifully complement the customer’s home but allow her to protect her books from bleaching just by using her smartphone. They could also work with her smart home system to adjust them even when she wasn’t present. She asked for white blinds, which were custom made for each window and installed.

Lela Sullivan - Humphreys
Roman Shades Next To Santa Clarita CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: This customer required shades that would gracefully complement her dining room.
Our Solution: Our experts assisted the customer in finding the perfect set of Roman shades for the room. Their unique look of folding up rather than rolling upward has been in style for many years, hence the name! They beautifully suited the area.

Noel Cooper - Santa Clarita
Motorized Shades Nearest Castaic Junction CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: The customer was interested in modernizing his home’s shades.
Our Solution: This customer had heard about motorized shades and was interested in the timer function for them to open when you wake up and close when you go to sleep. Our team helped him find the perfect set of motorized blackout roller shades for his bedroom.

Ted Rose - Castaic Junction
Cellular Shades Close To Santa Clarita CA

Cellular Shades

Customer Issue: The customer wanted shades that would help with insulation.
Our Solution: Thanks to being thick due to their honeycomb composition, cellular shades were determined to be the most effective for the customer’s needs. They’re excellent at keeping heat inside during the colder months, and bouncing back the heat from the sun in the winter.

Lester Vargas - Santa Clarita
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Custom Made

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